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Log Book: Hurricane Isabel - September 18, 2003

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Hurricane Isabels

What a day. We got off our boat early morning after securing her to one of the local yacht club's mooring balls for $35US. Okay, so we're cheap, but had no other choice. This Isabel will cost us some cash, but at least me and Johannes are out of the vailant waters.

We walked to BK restaurant. AGAIN may I ad. After consuming a whopper Johannes sliped out to snoop out some cheap motels and I wa working on this amazing webpage. Gosh it takes a lot of time! I hope there is someone else besides Laurie who reads this stuff now and then... My family is all Polish so maybe I should write this in Polish instead? I think Johannes has simmilar thoughts and we may end up puting couple of more language versions. More work?! Gosh.

Johannes came back after few hours as the motel was a piece away. He met some peculiar fella in the motel who gave him a ride back. Friendly dude, very nice in a way but gosh, every few minutes he had to announce to everything that moves that he is a practicing homosexual. Now I am wandering if I should even write on our webpage events of this day, but they were so bazar that I wouldn't deprive my friends of this day's report.

The dude's name was Christopher, he was 55 and was doing some photograpy work. He would talk to everybody and in a way one may have envy him this conversentional skil. He offered us a ride to check out another motel. He was a friendly chap so we end up driving with him back to the marina to see what's going down there. My heart almost sank when I saw my beautifull little boat being yanked up and down by howeling winds and vailant waves. It was blowing a good gale and you could see streaks of foam on the water. It was almost hard to stand up straight and sad to lok at the few boats left in the water being trashed by the seas.

Christopher offered to drive us to the librairy after dinner. We went to a local pig out and I noticed that gay people seems to be better tipers than us poor Christian folks. He was talking all the time so in a way we were able to have a look into his life a little bit. Christopher was very intelectual but also we felt like he was hunted in his mind and had a rough past and lots of bitterness. I hope he wouldn't mind me saying that. He was a very friendly man and we liked him and felt a bit sorry at the same time when we witnessed some of his emotions coming up to the surface. Christopher, wherever you are, you are in our prayers and we're glad we have met you.

Anywho. After dinner it was a bit too late for the library and we felt like we can't afford some $70 for a motel. pitching a tent in the dark in a town which we don't know wasn't on our happy list either so when Christopher offered u to crash a floor in his motel room we accepted his offer even though you may feel reading this that the whole thing was a bit too bazar. Well we have prayed for a place to stay the night and there it was.

Before checking in the motel we followed Chris to the bar for a beer. As soon as we got to the bar one drunk girl was making moves on us, particularly on Johannes inviting us to seek shelter from the storm at her house and asking Johannes if she could kiss him, if only once. Now this day was getting weirder by the minute. I guess in a way we lived a sheltered life for the most part in a Christian circles and for the last few years lost touch with the world out there. Somehow Johannes with Christopher's help managed to discourage the girl and she took off. Thankfully this didn't start any brawl in the bar which we were afraid this girl may get us into. Christopher got ahold of the jukebox, selected few tunes which ruined bar's rough atmosphere, we finished our beer and took off.

It was getting late and I just wanted to crash somewhere. We had the tent and we had our sleeping bags as well, but this storm outside was a bit too much and the floor of the motel room sounded better each time i thought about it.

We arrived at the motel and Christopher managed to get a suite with two rooms and three beds. Can you believe that? In the middle of the storm we had a room to ourselves and each slept in a big, soft, clean, snuggy, warm, cousy bed!

Chris had his own room and Johannes seeemed to be relieved a relaxed a bit as well :)


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