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Grateful Sailor's Heartfelt Thanks


Hey Tobs, you'll probably never see this thank you note, because you have moved on, worked downtown with homeless, flew off to China and now you're applying for a University, seems all in a span of couple of months but... Year ago you walked into the Crocodile bar in Nassau (which is no more) to join me on my sailing adventure. I say this many times over but you made this trip so utterly amazing. It wouldn't be half of what it was if I couldn't share this with you. Forget me not, darling :)

Hey Bud, I want to thank you ever so much for taking the plunge into this incredible sailing adventure with me. I probably wouldn't cast my lines off the docks of Port Credit if you weren't there with me back in August 2003. Because you were so very instrumental for my dreams to come true, I'd like to thank you with the deep gratitude in my heart. I wish you all the best, my friend.

Laurie the Glaurie
I know you are not too crazy about this photo, but you weren't also crazy about the 'fish popcorn' either. I'll remember these fun times and yeah, the water fights soaking your apartment with buckets of water. Thanks for being such a good friend and for 'sponsoring a child' and even two. Appreciate you a lot.

I am sooo looking forward to spend 'proper' Thanksgiving with you down south and bum around for couple of weeks. Thanks for giving us something to look forward too. You rock. We came a long way babe!

Dwayne and Carolyn
Love you guys from the bottom of my heart. I had such an amazing time with you in Poland and every other time we were doing things together. Dwayne, you're my buddy forever :) Carolyn I feel like I am part of your family already. Thank you for letting me into your lives.

Dude, you rock. Thank you so much for good laughs and yeah.. The weather radio rocks! It made my day I have to say. Have a rockin' time in Mexico. The world is ready for you, my friend.


Our German friend. Thanks for lending Johannes your digital camera. Some pics on this page are made with it.

Joyce C.
Thank you so much for being such a good friend a being so understanding and supportive. You have impacted my life a lot more than you know.

- Matt's mom. For all good things come from Lindsey... Thank you for adopting me into the family and being such a wonderful person. First Aid kit rocks! Thank you. Who would of think that you and Matt may end up in Mexico?! You are my hero.

Susan and Gary
You guys are awesome. I always love to come around. Magnificent food I always have at your place has nothing to do with it :) Susan thank you for being such a good friend, Gary you always inspire me of what one can do with his own hands and I always loved our discourses

The original "first mate". Without you I wouldn't conceive this trip. I loved dreaming and planning our trips even if I am the one ending up doing them :) Thanks for giving me a hand with the boat when she was still covered in snow. You rock man and you'll go far.

Nathaniel, Robyn, Nicky & The Crew
Thanks for helping out with the boat and believing in me when everything seemed out of control. I hope that this is not good bye...

Thanks for hilarious sailing guide. One day we may take up your offer and sail up to Michigan!

Thanks for lending us your laptop! I'll do my best to keep your site running.

Port Credit Harbour Marina Friends
Hey neighbours, thanks for being so nice and friendly, for all your advise and help with the outboard when all the outboards in the marina decided to quit same day. Thank you for all your support and encouragement I'll be back!

Our crazy Australian friend. Thanks for hanging out with us and the best steaks we've ever had! love you bro!

St. Timothy's, South Miami
Thanks so much for your hospitality. Wish I could take you all with me back to Toronto. You became our family instantaneously. Especially Nancy and Randy, we're in your debt forever. Cecil, Julie, lovely Kim - what a treat it was! Buddy and Cerese, Kev and Angie. I miss you all terribly. Wish I could move to the keys now!

Donna, New Smyrna Beach
I'm still thinking about you! You've blessed us with such a great heart. No need to mention juicy steak dinner we enjoyed in your fine company. Stay in touch!

Rob and the family
Thank you for your kind invite aboard your amazing yacht and a first class lobster dinner with chilled wine - nice departure from the corned beef and rice diet! I found your company even more delicious. Hope to see you again

Neal s/v Ming
Thank you for giving us such a great example what boating is all about.

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